Bill Sahm

Sales and Marketing Engineer

Bill has been a part of the audio visual industry for over 30 years.

From live production, trade shows, custom applications and installed systems, Bill has designed and implemented systems thousands of times.

Bill joined Delaware Audio Visual in 2021 as the Director of Sales and Marketing and has since taken on the position of Senior Project Engineer. Part of Bill’s responsibilities are to develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive design process that includes conceptualizing, developing, testing, and maintaining all aspects of audio visual systems including but not limited to sound design, audio visual analysis, production planning and technical support.

Bill is proficient at Autocad 2023, Revit, BIM, Fusion 360, Solidworks and Visio for creating AV Design elements not limited to Elevations, Floor Plans, Electrical and low voltage schematics, rack design and 360° modeling.

He collaborates with General contractors, building superintendents and other engineers for project continuity. One of Bill’s many roles is the marketing of DAV.