An Alternative Option for Businesses: AV as a Service (AVaaS)

Enjoy the Latest Technology and Ongoing Maintenance With AV Service Plans

Modern businesses rely on the latest and most efficient technology to help its people thrive. If you manage a business you’re probably looking for the best conferencing hardware, display equipment, cloud services, control systems, lighting, and interactive whiteboards so that everyone has what they need.

Typically, you would have the option to purchase all the equipment, furniture, and installation all at once. You can also use a lease to finance your business setup until you own the technology. But what happens when it’s all outdated in a few years? Or if there’s a problem with your systems? You’ll have to invest even more to upgrade and maintain.

There’s another option to stay ahead of the curve: AV as a service (AVaaS). What does this mean for your company? We’ll share all you can expect below.

What Is AVaaS?

With a commercial AV service plan, your business receives all the technology you’d ever need through a monthly payment. This subscription includes installations, maintenance, and technology support, with ongoing training to help your staff use the systems properly. If anything goes wrong, our team will be there for you, assisting over the phone or on location.

One of the greatest advantages? Your devices will never become antiquated. At the rate technology advances today, it’s very easy to watch your systems fall behind. To best communicate and share with clients and partners, you’ll need top-notch AV. With monthly services, you’ll be the first to know about new devices and can swap your existing equipment for something shiny and new.

Think of It Like…

Many of us have smartphone plans that let us pay for the service and device with the ability to upgrade to the latest phone model later. You may find yourself looking forward to that technology ‘refresh’ in the future, like an upcoming gift. It works the same way with AVaaS. In the IT world, this is already a popular concept. Many offices have plans to pay for printers, copiers and other technology needs, replacing them every three or so years through the plan. Why not do the same with your meeting room AV?

Customized to Your Needs

During the discovery process, we’ll design a plan that incorporates all the audio-video components you need. Whether that includes huddle rooms, scheduling software, intelligent lighting, intercoms, or access control, we’ll sit down with you to cover every area of your business.

Could your company benefit from AV as a service? Contact Delaware AudioVisual to learn more and get started today.

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