AVaaS – the New Way to Pay for Business Technology Needs

Update & Maintain Your Technology Hassle-Free with a Monthly Plan

Is outdated technology holding your business back? If your organization needs new technology and you can’t ignore the pains of obsolete systems, it’s time for an upgrade.

We understand why many companies procrastinate updating their conferencing systems or digital signage—it’s a large upfront investment and daunting to find the right solution. But what if there was a new, more flexible way to upgrade and install new technology—one that let you change your mind later on?

AV as a service provides all the commercial technology you need in a low monthly payment. The subscription is much less of a commitment with the advantages of upgrades and maintenance whenever you need it. As an AV consultant based in Wilmington, DE, we’ll share the differences between the conventional technology approach and the new format of AVaaS.

The Traditional Approach

Normally, when a business wants to acquire new technology—whether that’s smart lighting and thermostats in every room, conferencing devices, or an automation system—they invest in everything upfront. A business owner might take on a $100,000 project to install all the technology they need. They might take on a capital lease with basic financing, in which they own the technology in the end.

But what if, after using the technology for a few months, you realize something else would be a better fit? What if a few years down the line, the tech you invested in is now outdated and slowing down your operations? Would you really want to go through the process of selling or disposing of old tech and purchasing new systems for your entire staff? Luckily, there is an alternative method: AV as a service.

A Second Option

AV as a service, or AVaaS, provides a technology plan with everything your company needs leased on a monthly payment. You won’t own the technology, but the service plan includes ongoing maintenance, support, team training, and upgrades.

With AVaaS, you can easily scale technology solutions across multiple rooms and departments. If you need new technology, we can get it to you now as part of your plan. And if anything goes wrong, maintenance is built into your subscription. Without AVaaS, you’d need to pay for the technology, installation, and maintenance separately.

Are you looking for upgraded technology systems for your business? Contact DAV in the Wilmington, DE area to learn more about AVaaS. We look forward to helping you!

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