Technical Difficulties? Not with Cloud-Based Remote Monitoring

Manage and Monitor Your AV Equipment with Crestron’s XiO Cloud

If you operate a large company with multiple buildings or campuses—whether it’s an office, university, or group of stores or restaurants—your staff, teams and users don’t have time to waste on technical difficulties with AV systems. You need your conferencing technology and AV equipment to be up and running, and you want to minimize the need for firmware updates, connection issues, and calls to IT to get things fixed.

Ease the worry with the IoT-based platform XiO Cloud by Crestron. Powered by Microsoft’s secure and robust Azure cloud, you can configure thousands of devices at once, resolve issues remotely, and view the live status of all your business’ Crestron AV technology at any time. If you operate in many geographical locations, this solution is a technological savior.

To deploy a Crestron system faster and manage your business more efficiently, continue reading to learn more about the cloud-based remote monitoring service.

Deploy New Workplace Tech

With a cloud-based system like XiO, your business can swiftly implement new conferencing technology like Crestron’s AirMedia Presentation System, Mercury Tabletop Audio Conference Console, FlipTop Cable Management System, Room Scheduling Touch Screen, and the AV4 Control System. XiO can also be used to deploy powered amplifiers for your business’ audio-visual needs. Previously, you would order this equipment, open each box, configure each with over one hundred settings, back up each device, and repeat for hundreds or thousands more you might have across a campus or the country. Now, all you need to do is configure settings as a group, receive the devices at your location, and plug them in. What may have been as much as a thirteen-step process before now only requires five easy steps.

Manage Equipment Remotely

Through XiO’s remote management capabilities, you can update thousands of pieces of AV equipment in the same time it takes to upgrade one. From any location, you can upgrade firmware or implement security fixes in minutes, not days. Plus, audit logs from the cloud allow you to quickly identify problems and undo them. This way, you’ll reduce diagnostic times, letting your business thrive with smooth running AV systems.

Monitor Anytime, Anywhere

If you have hundreds of conferencing and AV devices across buildings and locations, you’ll need an easy way to handle when things go amiss. With the remote monitoring feature of XiO, you’ll say goodbye to panicked phone calls to IT. Remote monitoring lets your team view a live status of millions of devices at any time. You’ll know about a change on any device or system immediately, and you’ll be able to solve issues remotely.

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