Eliminate Clutter & Include Everyone With Ceiling Microphones

How the Right Microphone Can Improve Meetings

“I’m sorry, what was that?”…
“Could you repeat that last part?”

No one wants to hear these comments during an important client call—and especially not more than once. Miscommunication, confusion, and stalled meetings occur when your conferencing technology is not up to par. Just as it’s crucial to use a secure network and high-quality webcam, you also need a microphone that records every voice for virtual calls. With beam tracking ceiling microphones, you won’t have to take up space on the table with a clutter of wires and can ensure every voice is heard. Could your business benefit from one? Learn more to find out.

How Ceiling Microphones Work

An elegant ceiling array microphone like the MXA910 by Shure or Devio’s Beamtracking microphones minimizes a mess of wires and equipment so that you can focus on the presentation, not the mic’s position on your table. You won’t have to worry about the microphone picking up tabletop noises, like shuffling papers or tapping fingers.

The microphone may be mounted flat into the ceiling or suspended just above your conference table. The Shure model is available in black, white, or aluminum finishes to complement your office interior while providing 360-degree audio coverage, so everyone’s input is heard. Devio’s microphone technology intelligently mixes conversations from around the table and is available in both tabletop and ceiling versions.

One of the greatest advantages of a ceiling microphone is the ability to capture everyone’s voice, even if someone stands up or leans back in their chair. But to eliminate echo and avoid ambient noise like the projector fan, we’ll also need to treat the space for acoustics.

All in One System

With an automated conference room installation, you won’t have to waste time assembling and setting up your equipment. A smart system can merge your microphone, speakers, screens, lights, and shades under one system, activated through a wall touch panel or even a motion sensor. We’ll assemble your setup, so your mic is already connected to Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or whatever conferencing platform you prefer.

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