Wildwood NJ Boardwalk

Public Address Sound System

One of Delaware Audio Visual’s oldest clients is the town of Wildwood in south Jersey. Sixteen years ago, DAV installed a sound system on the Wildwood boardwalk. It’s not an ordinary system. It operates from a Q-SYS DSP (digital signal processor) and provides both entertainment and public safety functions. In an emergency, all a public official need to do is dial into the system from any phone and either choose a pre-recorded message or they may choose to make a custom announcement. It is used for their fireworks audio and everyday it plays the National Anthem. Recently, DAV worked in conjunction with the town in replacing the first phase of light poles. Currently we are still using many of the original QSC speakers. They are still going strong. Fifteen of the new poles are now


 installed and DAV had a few of our seasoned techs there to add the speakers onto the new poles. As a part of this project, DAV was tasked to create custom brackets to interface the smaller boardwalk speakers while the manufacturer of the pole made the ones for the beach facing speakers. They match exactly! Here’s a few pictures of this project.