How Does Office Sound Masking Work?

Inspire Your Team to Focus & Maintain Privacy with Sound Masking

We often discuss how smart technology makes meetings more collaborative. But what about those blocks of time when you need to put your head down and focus on work or conduct an important call with minimal distraction? Whether your office is crunching numbers or designing graphics, any business can benefit from sound masking technology. Curious about what sound masking does and how it works? Read on to see why your office space will thrive with sound masking technology.

How Sound Masking Works

A sound masking system uses your loudspeakers to emit a soft, ambient background sound, muffling conversations, and noises. The sound resembles an airflow at the same frequency as human speech so that anything over fifteen feet away will fade out of earshot. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, by adding white noise to rooms, they will sound quieter.

With in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, you won’t have to worry about arranging desks and speakers in relation to outlets. An AV professional like DAV can wire your speakers discreetly into the walls connected to a receiver in a dedicated rack or cabinet. Ambient noise will flow through the office without a device in sight.

When you connect speakers to a sound masking system or wireless audio network like Sonos, you’ll select the ambient noise you’d like to play from your phone or tablet. Every speaker will play in sync, or you can choose individual speakers for specific rooms. You can control the level of sound masking in each space, depending on the levels of disturbing noises.

When Sound Masking Helps

If you’re the kind of person who can’t focus on both noisy and silent settings, sound masking creates a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Desks and offices near the conference room won’t accidentally eavesdrop on every meeting, and if someone’s having a conversation nearby, you won’t have to hear every word.

Headphones can be a distracting way to block out other distractions. With sound masking, you won’t need other soundproofing materials. Private phone calls stay private, and you’ll experience less echo in your video conference calls.

Looking for Sound Masking in Delaware?

Delaware Audio Visual is the region’s leading AV partner and can assemble a speaker system that’s intuitive to use for any team member. With automated controls, you can easily automate sound masking to turn on during the workday at ideal volume levels.

If your business could benefit from a commercial AV installation, contact us here to learn more. We look forward to speaking with you!

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