AV Solutions for the Modern Church

There are currently over 380,000 churches in the U.S., and churches, like many businesses, need updated audiovisual equipment. Though it may not seem like it, audiovisual equipment is one of the most important technical components for any church, whether the congregation consists of 50 people or 50,000.

Unfortunately, many churches’ audiovisual systems are sorely lacking. While part of the problem may stem from the AV operator’s lack of training, a church’s equipment is often poor quality and outdated.

Why is good audio and video an important investment for a church?
Let’s take a look…

Importance of Quality Church Audio

1. Effective Communication
The main purpose of a Sunday morning service or Wednesday night Bible study is to communicate a message to the congregation. If the pastor or speaker is not audible or the sound mixing is not done correctly, people may not be able to understand the majority of what is being said. Important points may be missed, which can create disconnect between members and the church. Finding high quality, dependable audio equipment makes a big difference. Integrating the audiovisual elements and using equipment that meets your church’s needs can make a church service run smoother, allowing the message to be communicated more effectively.

2. Better Worship Experience
Have you ever been singing in church or listening to someone perform when there is a sudden shriek blasting out of the speakers? Bad audio, whether it’s a mixing problem or too much feedback, can distract from—and ultimately ruin—a musical experience.

High-quality equipment and AV integration improves the experiences of both the musicians performing and the audience engaging with the music. A clear sound and quality mixing of voices and instruments creates an environment that is more conducive to listening and singing along.

3. Focused Attention
There is nothing more distracting than hearing feedback in a speaker’s microphone or listening to someone speak with a mic that cuts in and out. Finding AV solutions to correct these issues allows a congregation of people to be much more attentive, again highlighting the importance of clear and effective communication.

Importance of Quality Church Video

1. Higher Level of Engagement
The ability to share graphics and videos on big screens throughout a service can keep members of all ages engaged during a church service. Pastors often share notes or announcements on the screen to help
connect the congregation with the sermon. In larger churches, some may even project the pastor onto screens to allow everyone an up-close view and a better connection with the person speaking.

2. Delivery of Information
People typically only remember about 2% of what is said during a sermon or presentation. However, approximately 65% of people are visual learners, so projecting a graphic on a screen to accompany the information in a sermon will reinforce the message and help it stick in the listeners’ long-term memory.

3. Streaming and Recording Capabilities
Many churches have begun streaming services online for those who can’t physically go to church for any number of reasons, like sickness or travel. This solution helps a church reach out to a much broader audience and keeps the members connected. The option to record sermons and post them online can also be used for outreach.

In order for online viewing to be effective, a church needs the right AV equipment so that the video is clear and the streaming is flawless. People at home will lose interest if the streaming is choppy or the video is poor quality.

A lot of churches are hesitant to invest in a quality AV system because of budget restraints or feeling that it isn’t worth it. But an effective way to increase growth of your flock and effectiveness of your message is to update your technology.

DAV is one of the fastest-growing systems integrators in the Delaware Valley because we listen to your needs and find the right AV solutions to fit your budget, while also giving you the tools you need to thrive. Contact one of our experienced technicians today to talk about AV solutions for your church or business.

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