College Standardizes on Exact Furniture Custom DS-3030EL:

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New style but Seneca Model


A large college has chosen a custom version of the Exact Furniture DS-3030EL for the teacher stations at the front of their classrooms. Exact Furniture worked with the Facilities Manager, IT Manager and in-house College designer to modify the Exact DS-3030EL to meet there exact needs. This included adding an angled dash to the front of the rack compartment for some Crestron control panels, pocket doors, increasing the size to accommodate a Middle Atlantic SRSR and making the whole unit with their choice of a Wilson Art post form laminate.

Peerless-AV® Introduces New Additions to SmartMount™ Menu Board Mount Product Line:

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AURORA, Ill. – November 12, 2014 – Peerless-AV®, the leader in digital signage and video wall mounts, is excited to announce the addition of four new SmartMount™ Digital Menu Board Ceiling Mounts to its current product line of SmartMount™ Menu Board Wall Mounts.

Ideal for use in quick service restaurants, transportation, convention centers, and retail locations, Peerless-AV’s new SmartMount™ Menu Board Ceiling Mounts provide a solution for any application.

Peerless-AV’s line of SmartMount™ Menu Board Ceiling Mounts include:

  • DS-MBY942L-2X1: landscape configuration for 40″-42″ displays with overall mounting hole patterns 1769 x 400mm (69.65″W x 15.75″H)
  • DS-MBY942L-3X1: landscape configuration for 40″-42″ displays with overall mounting hole patterns 2658 x 400mm (104.65″W x 15.75″H)
  • DS-MBY947L-2X1: landscape configuration for 46″-48″ displays with overall mounting hole patterns 1960 x 400mm (77.15″W x 15.75″H)
  •  DS-MBY947L-3X1: landscape configuration for 46″-48″ displays with overall mounting hole patterns 2944 x 400mm (115.90″W x 15.75″H)

Unlike its competitors, Peerless-AV’s SmartMount™ Menu Board Ceiling Mounts offer vertical adjustment on each universal display adaptor bracket for post-install leveling and height adjustment fine-tuning. The SmartMount™ Menu Board Ceiling Mounts also offer connecting wall plates that create a continuous mounting surface for ease of display alignment. With a quick connect latch that automatically engages the wall plate, installers are provided with a speedy set-up and peace of mind.

Included security features deter tampering and theft, and the horizontal adjustment allows installers to create a menu board with a seamless appearance. The mounts also feature continuous and Increlok™ tilt options, assuring that all displays are tilted at the same angle for precise alignment.

For ease of use, the mounts are wider than anything else on the market, making them compatible with a wide range of display makes and models.

“Many of our customers expressed the need for digital signage in spaces where wall mounts were not an option,” said John Potts, President, Peerless-AV. “With our SmartMount™ Menu Board Ceiling Mounts, customers have the flexibility to not only include digital signage in once inaccessible areas, but they can do so easily and securely.”

To provide complete flexibility for customers, Peerless-AV also offers an accessory menu board frame. The ACC-MBF allows for an installer to use an existing wall mount and connect it to a column for ceiling installation. For installs where the customer wants a longer menu board, Peerless-AV offers the ACC-MBC, which allows two menu board ceiling mounts to be combined to create a longer array.

Peerless-AV®’s SmartMount™ Menu Board Ceiling Mounts are currently available through Peerless-AV direct sales representatives and authorized distribution network.

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About Peerless-AV
Peerless-AV, a Peerless Industries, Inc. company, is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of Made-in-the-USA audiovisual mounting, accessory and digital content delivery solutions as well as the industry’s first fully sealed outdoor TVs for commercial and residential applications. The company’s innovative AV products span off-the-shelf, commercial and custom flat panel, projector and tablet mounts as well as cables, AV carts and stands, medical carts and stands, AV racks, AV furniture and a wide range of other accessories. The Peerless Technology Division specializes in wireless, kiosk, touch, digital audio and connectivity technologies that simplify today’s complex digital equipment installations. Peerless-AV manufactures over 3,600 products that serve original equipment manufacturers, commercial integrators and consumer retailers in 22 vertical markets through direct sales representatives and authorized distribution. For more information, visit

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Washington, DC – November, 2014… Sweet Honey in the Rock (SHIR) is an all-female, Grammy Award–nominated African-American a cappella ensemble celebrating their 40th Anniversary in the industry this year. The troupe expresses their history as African-American women through song, dance, and sign language. Originally a four-person ensemble, they have featured five-part harmonies for many years, and since 1981 they have included an American sign-language interpreter as a sixth member for all their live performances. The ensemble’s audience and community comes from diverse backgrounds and cultures throughout the United States and around the world. With performances that range from an Arts Envoy program in Belize for the U.S. Embassy to those at venues such as the Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, OH, SHIR relies on their wireless microphones to help them connect with their audiences. And for this, they count on Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology from Rio Rancho, NM-based Lectrosonics.

Sunderland, MA-based Art Steele serves as SHIR’s audio mixer and technical director. In addition to his involvement with SHIR, which goes back 35 years, Steele is also the owner, manager, and sound designer for Audio Promedia, an audio services company involved the live sound, pro touring, and special events markets. For his work with SHIR, Steele employs a combination of Lectrosonics SMDa Super-Miniature beltpack transmitters along with UT400 and HH handheld transmitters. On the receiving end of the system, he uses a fully loaded Lectrosonics Venue receiver. He discussed his fondness for Lectrosonics equipment.

“Clear, natural sounding audio quality is, of course, the first priority with any audio setup,” Steele says. “With Lectrosonics, I get absolutely pure, clean tone—free from the audible in / out gating sounds of some RF systems out there or the false, muddy bass ‘ghost’ notes commonly associated with companding. Combined with the equipment’s extremely low self-noise floor, the performance of these wireless systems is firmly competitive with a hard wired mike to any objective listener. The Lectrosonics RF platform actually offers a more accurate, more extended low frequency performance than a wired vocal mike!”

Steele elaborated on Lectrosonics RF performance attributes. “I’ve been very impressed,” he said. “The 100 milliwatt power of the SMDs transmitter provides great dropout-free range, enabling me to sound check the headsets from dressing rooms hundreds of feet away—even on other floors and through building architecture. This aspect of the equipment leaves me free to monitor the RF system transmission details via the Venue rack at FOH.”

Steele also commented on the ability of the Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems to handle high SPLs. “Sweet Honey’s full bore gospel performances could easily stress most systems,” Steele reports. “The choices Lectrosonics made for the parameters of the ‘over the top last resort limiting’ within the platform are excellent. I also applaud the company for not rolling off low frequency performance as many manufacturers do. Lectrosonics’ no compromise approach to audio works for me.”

Steele’s receiver setup consists of the one rack space Lectrosonics Venue Wideband receiver operating on Block 20 and 25 with Lectrosonics SNA600 Dipole antennas. “The SNA600 antennas fold nicely into a mike pouch along the rear of my soft zipper closure rack bag,” he explained. This bag packs into a standard piece of luggage with 2 inches of foam on all sides. This is an extremely compact setup that travels well.”

When asked about his experience with Lectrosonics’ build quality and reliability, Steele was exceptionally complimentary, “My equipment has been on tour continuously for over four years—as airline-checked baggage—and I’ve experienced no failures! Combined with excellent battery performance, which typically translates to two one hour sound checks and a two hour show before needing to change to a new pair, I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Before turning his attention back to his business, Steele offered these parting comments regarding his experience with Lectrosonics equipment, “Lectrosonics’ audio performance, RF agility, and overall build quality are all exceptional. Over the years, I’ve tried and used all wireless performance platforms and Lectrosonics is far and away the best!”